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Turkuaz is a Brooklyn-based pop-rock nonet that is redefining funk with their “PowerFunk” sound. Their intricately arranged songs are built on thick grooves, driven by a powerhouse rhythm section and interlaced with swirling guitar and synth lines. On top of this rock solid foundation, lyrical jabs and swells that serve as both subject matter and rhythmic reinforcement are delivered by four distinct vocalists, all framed by tight horn lines and punctuated with left hooks and right angles.

Digitonium (Techne Records), Turkuaz’s second national LP release, has more of a Peter Gabriel and Talking Heads feel and evokes the best of the ’80’s dance music. Upon close examination, the Dada-esque slurry of words and lyrical imagery reveals Digitonium to be a concept album at its core. Repeated phrases are intertwined throughout, and themes of empowerment and self-actualization, glimpsed in metaphors borrowed from Plato’s cave, a dystopian technological future and the archetypal characters of the myths of Avalon are developed through various tracks. Supported by transitional interludes, these elements make Digitonium feel like the score to an animated film, at times.

Following a Summer packed with high profile festival performances throughout North America, Turkuaz will embark on a national club tour in support of this cross-over release, and they shine on stage, as well as in the studio. Constant, coast-to-coast touring over the last three years has earned the band a passionate, growing fan base. Turkuaz is drawing 400-900+ fans at premiere clubs and theaters, in markets including New York, San Francisco, Boston, Seattle, Denver, DC, Portland, Chicago, Baltimore, Burlington, Providence, Atlanta, Columbus and Pittsburgh, and 150-400 virtually everywhere else. These fans propelled Turkuaz‘s Future 86 (2014) to #2 in the Relix chart and #149 at CMJ. This was Turkuaz’s first foray into radio, and over 150 stations had them on their playlists, with nearly half of them in heavy rotation.

Now, with the support of comprehensive distribution, a commercial AAA, college and specialty radio campaign, first rate publicity, a growing retail presence and a national media partner presenting the tour, Turkuaz is poised to break out for a more mainstream audience.

Turkuaz is:
Dave Brandwein – Lead & Backing Vocals / Guitar
Taylor Shell – Bass
Michelangelo Carubba – Drums
Craig Brodhead – Guitar / Synths
Josh Schwartz – Tenor & Baritone Sax / Lead & Backing Vocals / Percussion
Greg Sanderson – Alto & Tenor Sax / Backing Vocals / Percussion
Chris Brouwers – Trumpet / Keys / Backing Vocals / Percussion
Sammi Garett – Lead & Backing Vocals / Tambourine
Shira Elias – Lead & Backing Vocals

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