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“[Decker. is] full of soulful narrative, [and] his live show is ever-changing.” – Yahoo Music

“[Decker] bursts with emotion at every edge and makes for some interestingly original music.” – Magnet Magazine

“…masterful and filled with energy.” – LA Music Blog

“…dusty, moody, lonely, and super atmospheric.” – San Francisco Bay Guardian

“decker. is no newbie. He has self-released six studio records in the last seven years and performs constantly. The sin is that not enough people have heard of him.” – Goldmine

“decker.’s rock draws from blues, garage-rock revival, and psychedelic—all genres stemming from a dusty, down-home electricity.” — PopMatters

“[Snake River Blues] is a raving rock n’ roller and a foot stomping son of a bitch…” – Phoenix New Times

“Dark mystic lyrics and off-kilter attitude with taut musicianship and psychedelic romanticism” – No Depression

For seven years running, decker. has been recording and performing some of the most vital music to be released from America’s Southwest.  The music is clearly drawn from the land itself—all that is at once comforting, eerie, haunting, healing, harsh and beautiful. He carves something unique out of the essence he grasps in his red rock home of Sedona, Arizona—a land of red clay mountains and vortexes. The music takes on a spiritual mantle, a deeper, ancient calling rooted to the land itself, tapping into the mysticism of old, weird America, divining its power, resurrecting what he sees fit and crafting it into musical odysseys of treachery, redemption, enlightenment and tenacity.

While seemingly possessed by his desert dwellings, decker. has approached his music with a blue-collar ethic, pressing himself to perform 150 shows a year and self-releasing six studio records in the last seven years.  The songwriter has been either recording an album or touring in support of one since the fall of 2009 with relentless vigor—surviving a 2012 van rollover on tour, raising a young son and maintaining a relentless show schedule. The 2014 release, Patsy saw decker. make a hardy push to spread his desert lore, touring the U.S. three times over with all the fervor, he says, “of a drowning man.” Magnet raved, “[Decker] bursts with emotion at every edge,” while No Depression declared, “[Decker] combines dark mystic lyrics and off-kilter attitude with taut musicianship and psychedelic romanticism.

With barely a pause to reflect, Decker returned home and wrote what would become his 6th studio album, Snake River Blues, set for release September 23. Inspired by legendary psychedelic blues classics like Muddy Waters’ Electric Mud and Chuck Berry’s San Francisco Dues, Snake River Blues is comprised by tales of treachery and conquest, in blues archetypes viewed through decker.’s unique lens. The album signifies growth, while also a departure from his more acoustic and methodic efforts. It harnesses an American desperation, while being simultaneously rife with audacious confidence, grit and focus.  Self-described as “psychedelic desert folk,” Snake River Blues is altogether decker.’s tightest and most succinct effort to date.


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