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A prompt addition to the full-length album, released on March 25 (Lowtemp Music)

Download BitTorrent Bundle Here

“Few EDM pioneers are making as much noise as Slovenia-born, Brooklyn-based artist Gramatik…he isn’t your average fist-pumping, build-and-drop kind of DJ. His music is rooted in blues and funk, like much golden age hip-hop.” – .MIC

“At festivals and venues around the world, Gramatik turns bass music into a supremely musical affair”

“Gramatik, the Slovenian producer synonymous with Future Funk, has dropped a fresh new album that picks up right where he left off, with a brilliant blend of soulful rhythms and the right touch of bass.”

In March, we saw the release of Epigram, Gramatik’s highly anticipated 12th record (Lowtemp Music). Gramatik delivered a gritty, genre-skipping statement of intent, creating “a whirlwind of genres that span hip-hop, funk, jazz, trap, dubstep, and everything in-between.” (Huffington Post). Across Epigram’s ten tracks, Gramatik blends his signature sounds while attesting to his diverse evolution by introducing glitch-bass and fire collaborations with Wu-Tang Clan’s Raekwon, ProbCause, and more. Perhaps this is how Gramatik has become “one of festival season’s biggest names.” (Free Williamsburg).

When Gramatik dropped his seminal album, The Age of Reason, in partnership with BitTorrent he quickly became the platform’s third most downloaded artist. Today, Gramatik is sharing a special edition of Epigram with fans exclusively via BitTorrent. Download the Epigram Bundle here to unlock the original album, videos, and two new exclusive remixes from Russ Liquid and Emiljo A.C.

With a strong belief of “freeing music by making music free” Gramatik has always been a huge proponent of legal torrenting sites, such as BitTorrent, so it comes as no surprise that Gramatik has readily chose this platform to help deliver this next release.

Upcoming Gramatik Tour Dates
Apr. 23 – Lille, FR – Les Paradis Artificiels

May 27-29 – Chillicothe, IL – Summer Camp Festival
Jun. 3 – Clemont Ferrand, FR – Europa Vox Festival
Jun. 4 – Amsterdam, NL – Amsterdam Open Air
Jun. 5 – Bulligny, FR – Jardin Du Michel
Jun. 10-13 – Bethel, NY – Mysteryland
Jun. 17 – Morrison, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre ***
Jun. 24 – Madrid, Spain -Mulafest
Jun. 29 – Roskilde, Denmark – Roskilde Festival
Jun. 30 – St. Gallen, CH – Open Air St. Gallen
Jul. 1-2 – Saint Denis De Gastines, FR – Au Foin De LA Rue Festival
Jul. 7 – Vers-Pont-Du-Gard, France – Pont du Gard
Jul. 8 – Pont Du Gard, FR – Lives Au Pont Festival
Jul. 8-10 – Vallee De Ville, FR – Decibulles Festival
Jul. 14 – Scranton, PA – Camp Bisco
Jul. 17 – Bern, CH – Gurten Festival
Jul. 20 – Rome, IT – Laghetto di Villa Ada
Jul. 21 – Florence, Italy – Anfiteatro delle Cascine
Jul. 22 – Milan, IT – Market Sound (Chemical Brothers After Party)
Jul. 23 – Collegno, IT – Flowers Festival
Jul. 26 – Lescar, France – Emmaüs Festival
Jul. 29-31 – Montreal, CA – Osheaga Festival
Aug. 11-14 – Darrington, WA – Summer Meltdown
Aug. 12 – Somerset, WI – Somerset Amphitheater
Aug. 26 – Atlanta, GA – Imagine Festival
Sep. 8 – Sugar Creek, MO – LaBenite Riverfront Park
Sep. 10 – Kansas City, MO – Richard L. Berkley Riverfront Park

***w/ Hippie Sabotage, Sweater Beats, The Geek X VRV

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