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“Vocalist Corey Glover, drummer Will Calhoun, bassist Doug Wimbish and guitarist Vernon Reid once again deliver passion, thoughtfulness and poetry with crunchy guitars and seriously funky deep bass/drum grooves.” – NPR Music

“Politically charged and potent, their new album is attuned to events in the present while inspired by music from the past.” – Classic Rock Magazine

“Shade may just be the best rock album of the year.” – Vintage Guitar

“One of America’s greatest rock bands rediscovering their fire and purpose and delivering one of the sharpest, most important albums of their lives.” – Planet Rock UK

“Veteran art-metal crew Living Colour stretch across time and genre for another serving of righteous rage…singular crunch…intensely contemporary.” – Rolling Stone

“Living Colour remains one of the truly greatest untarnished alt rock bands of all time and is only getting better with age.” – PopMatters

“At a little more than three minutes, “Come On” gives you all you need in a great rock song.” – Something Else Reviews

“Five years is a long time to make an album, but the attention to detail the band puts on ‘Shade’ is well worth the wait. Up and down the 13-song track list is a sonic tornado, while delivering emotional and timely messages.” – Innocent Words

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